Due to the Covid-19 health crisis and mandatory orders for social distancing, we must take the difficult step of closing our tours and additional services until further notice. Please check in with us at the end of September to see if we will be able to begin booking tours again at that time.

We look forward to seeing you and wish everyone good health during this challenging time.

Nw Wine Coach Services

Willamette Valley Wine Tours

Full Day Wine Tour

A full day of tours, created and customized to your taste.  Our focus is small groups, usually 1-4 people, and you are the one who invites your guests for the day!

By the Hour Wine Tour

This is perfect for guests wanting a less involved option. Maybe you only need service for 3 hours, or maybe you have a list of places you want to visit already in mind.

Add Ons

Dinner Drive Service

NW Wine Coach can take you to your chosen restaurant reservation and then to where you are sleeping that night.