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NW Wine Coach is your “go to” source for designing, planning and delivering your customized outing. Whether you are a university educator, administrator, athletics director or alumni director, discover how our services can elevate your outing to a unique wine tasting experience your group will not forget.

Wine Tasting tours in the Willamette Valley of Oregon

NW Wine Coach provides a personal and engaging tour experience for those who want to find wine that matches their taste and preference.

Wine Tasting Tours

Let us help you craft your ideal outing whether you’re a veteran or a novice wine taster.


Wine can be a complex subject. Learn the fundamentals as we walk  you through some basics.


“Put me in Coach”. Ready to jump in and schedule? Pop on by the Bookings page and go!

The NW Wine Coach Story

Growing up in West Virginia, we didn’t drink much wine…

Only after I had followed my early passion for sports, and begun my career in athletics as a player, coach, and an administrator, did I have the opportunity to begin exploring wine as I traveled to and lived in other parts of the United States.

Develop Your wine palate

Learn to identify and taste distinct characteristics of wine. The wine palate can be developed and with a little coaching and education you can develop yours.

Discover Great wine pairings

Discover a couple of our specially curated pairings and then book a tour and discover how to take your wine experience to the next level.

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